Glow Imperial Floor Cleaning Services

Mopping the Floor

On-site interval floor maintenance:

Clean floors are vital to maintaining an efficient and safe work environment. We can help you prevent long-lasting scuff marks and other hard to remove stains by removing loose dirt and debris that could otherwise settle into grout or scratch newly installed flooring. Let us help you keep your floors clean and your worksite efficient during your construction project.



Final Construction Clean-up:

Our imperial floor cleaning team will make your final project shine with our high-quality floor services. You have worked hard to create a final product for your customer. Let us make you look good. 

Floor cleaning services:​

·        LVT Mopping

·        Specialty  floor care application (upon request)

·         VCT wax removal and application

·         Carpet vacuuming

·         Carpet steam cleaning

Services are not limited to the above list. We understand that there may be different needs depending on the project. Contact us today to schedule a walk through, or for all other questions. 

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